Working exclusively in porcelain Margaret has designed the shapes of her vases and bowls from pots thrown herself. These are then slip cast ensuring a uniform size and each is then decorated with different designs using a variety of techniques.

The Flower ranges are hand painted ensuring each piece is individual.

The Hedgerow range incorporates an indentation technique into the clay causing an embossed effect.

The fish are hand builtensuring each will have it's own individual personality.
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Hand Built Ceramic Fish Sculptures
Ceramic Collages in natural wood Frames.
Glass Frit Flask and Beakers.
Striped Flask and Beakers.
Rectangular Hedgerow Vase.
Medium Hedgerow Hanging
or Freestanding Vase.
Small and Medium Cylinder HedgerowVases.
Hedgrow Medium and Small and Flask.
Hedgerow Freestanding Clock.
Hedgerow Bottle Vase.
Glass Frit Incised Bowls Large and Small.
Hedgerow Wall Clock.
Flower Wall Clock.
Rectangular Vase.
Medium Flower Flask.
Flower Small and Medium Cylinder Vases.
Large Flower Cylinder Vase.
Tall Square Flower Vase.
Flower Freestanding Clock.
Flower Bowl.
Small Flower Flask.
Angler Fish
Carp Fish
Still Life
Marbled Range.
Large Plate with Glass Frit