Margaret Painting

Margaret has a selection of her paintings on display here, some have been sold, but if you are interested you can contact Margaret on the next page.

"I work mainly in acrylic. Inspiration is drawn from far and wide. I try to capture a sense of place and atmosphere in my landscapes and also enjoy seeing familiar objects turn up in still life paintings and given a new emphasis."

Portrait of Claire
Still Life with chair
Still Life with Irises
Portrait of Lindsey
Still life with Blue Cupp
Magnolia Tree
Husband John
Apple Blossom
Sama Bay
Quiriang Skye
Beech Trees
The Mediana Marrakesh
Croacian Harbour
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Winter Still Life
Cherry Blossom
Winter Sky
Ayrshire coast
River Ayr
River Affric
Buchanan Street
Dusk River Doon
Long Winter Shadows