Margaret MacDonald Ceramics has supplied retail outlets in the UK for many years.

To get a copy of the 2015 Trade Price List
please email Margaret at the address
listed above.
You can also contact Margaret at:
Margaret MacDonald Ceramics
50 Auchendoon Crescent

Tel: 01292 267633

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Margaret will be attending Scotland's Spring Trade Fair where you can purchase the range of jewelley displayed on this website and the ceramics listed on the ceramics gallery page. If at the show ask for a brochure.
Margaret will be exhibiting for the third year at
Open Studios Ayrshire. The venue is her house.
The address is listed above.
You can also see paintings by her husband
John MacDonald and prints by her daughter
Claire MacDonald, creatve stitcher Linda Walker
and new this year, the paintings of Meg Stevenson.
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open studios 2
open studios 3
openstudios 4
pintar tag
pintar pic 1
pintar pic 4
margaret and painting
This year Margaret took part in the Pintar Rapido competiton.
It is the biggest outdoor painting festival, competition and exhibition in the UK
and this year it came to Scotland, kicking off in Glasgow in August
where artists are invited to complete a painting in a day of a
well known view of Glasgow and these are judged on the day.
Margaret completed a really lively painting of the River Kelvin in the West End.
John got a prize for runner up,
click the link to his website below to see his prize winning painting.
Start of the day, blank canvas.
End of the day, tired, but happy.
Pleased with the result.